195 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Universal USB plug adapter (WUN-41450-000):
It can be plugged in different 12V auxiliary power outlets and adapt to standard USB 5V (Charging current 1 A max.)
A special feature of the adapter is that it does not only fit in the cigarette lighter socket but also in the BMW board socket by removing the red cap.

USB angle plug adapter (WUN-41450-100):
Power USB plug for charging suitable devices via the power supply through motorcycle plug. The facts: max. 2 A, LxDxW: 62 x 45 x 22 mm.

Angled dual USB charging plug (WUN-24111-100):
Angled dual USB charging plug
Two high-performance USB outputs: 2 x 2,500 mA (5000mA)
For use in cigarette lighter and standard sockets
For charging and operating mobile phones, smartphones, navigation devices, MP3 players, cameras and all kinds of tablets, etc.
Also suitable for intensive charging requirements
Input/output voltage: 12-24 V DC / 5 V DC,b

Optimate double USB connector (WUN-45010-802):
Optimate cables and accessories are cable systems and solutions that are specially developed to your needs on a motorbike. The Optimate cable system is a brilliant push-fit system that allows you to feed power to almost any consumer. Whether in the tank bag, to connect USB consumers or even for battery monitoring. The plugs, sockets and couplings are also compact, water-tight and highly resilient.
Optimate "DUO-USB" DIN mini-adapter.
The facts:
Mini USB charging adapter with two USB ports
Direct connection to BMW DIN sockets
5V/3300mA output power: Therefore also suitable for all high-end devices, such as larger smartphones
Battery monitor: USB turns off 3 hours after the engine is turned off, or when the vehicle's battery charge falls below 50%, ab
Water-resistant USB port: USB plug is sealed as soon as it is inserted
Sealed cap for USB port
Short-circuit, overheating and over-voltage protection