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977 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Handlebar bags - water repellant or waterproof
For everything that has to be ready to hand and also perfectly guarded. – Now also available with an useful clear PVC compartment for the operation of Multimedia devices.
Functional bar bags which have been developed especially for BMW – Models. The only way to use the completely available space.
Easy to open compartments with extra pockets and additional storage places for pens, credit cards and more. The main compartment is locked with a waterproof zipper. Furthermore, the bag has an E-Connect-input ( waterproof cable access) so that mobile phones can be charged on the way. An integrated strengthening, a shock – absorbing lining and a complex 2 to 3 – layer structure provide more stability.

Three sizes water repellant:
20890-100: MEDIA with slot for devices up to 130x70x10 mm.
29870-100: MEDIA L with slot for devices up to 130x70x10 mm.
29870-200: MEDIA XL with slot for devices up to 155x90x10 mm.

Three sizes water proof:
20890-200: MEDIA with slot for devices up to 160x85x10 mm.
29870-302: MEDIA L with slot for devices up to 160x85x10 mm.
29870-402: MEDIA XL with slot for devices up to 190x105x10 mm.

The facts for the Media handlebar bags:
Easy to fit/detach
Secure grip in all conditions
The attachment mechanism also makes it suitable for smaller devices.
Device remains operable
Water protected cable access
Additional holder and pocket in lid interior
Stable form even when empty
Quick handlebar attachment
Water/dust tight zip closures
Padded and with interior lining
Carry belt
Water-repellent, fluorocarbon-impregnated CORDURA fabric.

WUN-20890-000, -100 and -200 fits:
K1600 GT/GTL
K1600 Bagger/Grand America (Not with tube handlebar)
R1100 R/RT
R1150 RT
R1200 RT
R1200 RT LC
R1250 RT
R850 R/RT

WUN-29870-100, -200, -302 and -402 fits:
F650 GS (2008 - )
F700 GS
F750 GS
F800 GS
F850 GS
F800 R
R100/R100 CS
R100 R/RS/RT/S/T
R1100 GS
R1150 GS/GSA
R1150 R
R1200 GS/GSA
R1250 GS/GSA
R1200 R LC
R45/1, 45/2
R60/5, 60/6, 60/7
R65 GS
R65 LS
R65/1, 65/2
R75/5, 75/6, 75/7
R80 G/S, G/S P.D.
R80 GS
R850 GS
R90 S
R nineT
S1000 R
S1000 XR