Väska till tankskyddsbåge - R1250 GSA

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Wunderlich tank protection bar bags - Set - black

Our water-resistant protection bar bags are ideal for everything you'd like to have ready to hand while on the move: papers, smartphone, sun glasses, keys, multitool, etc. We've designed them so that they fit on the original tank protection bars for the R 1250 GS Adventure. They attach to the protection bar easily and are unshakeable.
The positioning ensures optimised weight distribution. We use water-deflecting, Teflon-coated, dirt-repellent Cordura 1000 fabric that doesn't bleach and has thoroughly proven to be highly durable and non-abrasive. Lined external surfaces simultaneously provide dual protection: they protect the contents from vibrations and the bar from chafing. The compact form, the cut and the high-quality fabric prevent the bags, which retain a stable shape even when empty, from buckling and fluttering. The handy branded zippers from YKK are water and dust-proof. Typically Wunderlich: the blue inner lining makes everything easy to see.
The functional design was developed by Nicolas Petit and modestly integrates into the piece.

Note: Our protection bar bags can naturally be used together with our reinforcement bar for the tank protection bar 41873-200.

Additional luggage option on the Adventure's tank protection bars, ideal for everything you need close to hand while on the move
Simply slide onto the tank protection cantilever and attach securely to the bar using the completely covered Velcro closure
Optimum, convenient position and perfect weight distribution
Full freedom of movement
Water-deflecting, Teflon-coated, dirt-repellent Cordura 1000 fabric, high-strength, anti-abrasive, doesn't bleach
Lined outer surfaces protect the contents from vibrations and the bar from chafing
No buckling and fluttering of the bags, which also retain a stable shape even when empty
Our signature blue inner lining makes everything easy to see
Handy YKK branded zipper, water and dust-proof
Design by Nicolas Petit

Technical data
Material: Cordura 1000 fabric, high-strength, water-deflecting, Teflon-coated, dirt-repellent, anti-abrasive, doesn't bleach

Special features
Wunderlich. Small batches. Made by hand.
Integrated, functional design
No German type approval required
Made in Germany
5-year warranty

Fits R1250 GSA