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BoxerBag R1200 GS/GSA LC, R1250 GS/GSA and F750/850 GS/GSA

This additional storage space for tools, snickers and / or reserve gloves can be easily mounted.

The facts:
Useful solution for the gap under the luggage rack of the R1200GS LC.
Individually formed to the contour of the gap under the luggage carrier.
A tight fit and cushioning avoid rattling and damage to the luggage rack and its contents.
A lot of space for reserve gloves, First Aid Kit, tools and more.
Easy mounting.
Due to its robust material it can permanently remain at the motorcycle.
Waterproof, Teflon-coated CORDURA fabric; high strength, abrasion-resistant and not subject to fade.
Water-/dustproof zipper with an additional foldable protective sleeve.
Shock-absorbing reinforcements in the top, bottom and side walls.
The inner lining provides a better overview so nothing can get lost in the bag.
Handy zippers.
Non-slip contact area with the rear frame.
Attachment loop can also be used as a belt loop.
Made in Germany/Europe.

WUN-43650-000 fits:
F750 GS - with topcase carrier
F850 GS - with topcase carrier
F850 GSA
R1200 GS LC
R1250 GS

WUN-43650-100 fits:
R1200 GSA LC (2014-)
R1250 GSA