Vindruta "CRUISE" - K1600

1 956 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich "CRUISE" windshield - smoke or black

Finally, a Bagger windscreen that lives up to its name!
With our "CRUISE" windscreen, which we tailored specially for the body of the BMW K1600 B, we've created a visually appealing Bagger windscreen that integrates perfectly into the imposing front end and the typical Bagger silhouette. The cut of the windshield now follows the line of the upper fittings and gives the powerful Bagger a coherent and harmonious character.
This windscreen lets you move your Bagger exactly how it's meant to move: With the screen fully down you can enjoy the full flow of air for cruising, while raised the screen guarantees adequate wind protection for quick trips or riding on the motorway.
Our screen is available in smoke grey and black versions, and it's our opinion that the black is ultimately the best as it also emphasises the character of the Bagger.

The facts:
Stylish Bagger windscreen that also fits all other 1600s
Significant improvement to the look
Available in a choice of smoke grey or black
Extremely resistant PMMA plastic, 5 mm thick
Harmonious flow with zero turbulences
Width 560 mm, height 440 mm
Delivery includes ABE
Easy fitting by swapping components
Adjusts like the original windscreen

Fits: K1600 Bagger/Grand America/GT and GTL