Vindruta "GT-MARATHON"

1 448 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich Windscreen »GT-MARATHON« - high - clear or smoke

Increased and broadened Tour slices laterally rounded the pressure / turbulence in all area eliminated. Thus, the F 800 GT is the long-distance tourer. Virtually indestructible, slim disc with outstanding aerodynamic qualities.

The Facts:
Significantly improved wind protection, even at top speed.
Minimized turbulence.
Elimination of vibrations around the helmet.
Mounting as original.
When it rains, no water feature on the visor (vacuum turbulences). li>
Robust, optically pure acrylic plastic.
Ssmoke gray or transparent
3 mm material thickness.
5 years warranty.
With ABE.

Easy to install.
Complete set with all accessories.
The Installation is very simple to the original mounting points. It can used the original rubber spacer, washers and screws.
The disc is extremely stable, absolutely flutter-free and guarantees a perfect viewing.
Height 620mm total, in the middle 580mm (height original screen 450mm).

Fits: F800 GT