Vindruta "MARATHON"

2 415 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich screen "MARATHON" - clear or smoked grey

Maximal wind protection and comfort for the GS and even better and also more stable protection for the Adventure. A screen that is protracted towards the rider and offers maximum protection for all body sizes thanks to the double adjustability.

The facts:
Maximum protection for head, upper body and arms.
515 mm high compared to original 365 mm (GS) and 460 mm (Adventure).
Widened considerably at the bottom (transition to the protectors).
6 mm thick screen material. Special manufacturing process allows screen to be used without heavy and annoying strengthening brackets.
The Wunderlich “ScreenSave Vario″ included for additional adjustment range.
Quick and easy adjustment
Incline adjustment much more effective in comparison with the original.
Can be adjusted to suit almost all riders and riding habits.
Integrated flow channel: depending on the chosen height, the gap changes and a calming counter-flow of air reduces turbulence.
Reduces “dancing″ of rain water droplets on the visor (vacuum turbulence).
The GS design has been consistently adopted in every line. The screen integrates perfectly into the overall layout, highlights the lines and makes the GS an imposing sight.
Very robust, optically pure and petrol-resistant Lexan plastic.
Available in transparent or smoke-grey.
ABE approval.

WUN-25540-001 and -002 fits R1200 GS/GSA (-2007)
WUN-25540-101 and -102 fits R1200 GS (2008-2012) + R1200 GSA (2008-2013)