Vindruta "MARATHON" - S1000 XR (-19)

2 065 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
BMW is positioning the XR as the symbiosis of adventure, sports, and touring bikes - we ensure touring comfort. This windscreen is significantly wider in the lower section and taller overall. The smart design protects riders from the influences of weather and wind pressure. The opening always counteracts any turbulence that may occur with a calming air stream. Non-scratch, shatter-proof, and visually clean acrylic plastic for optimum view.

The facts:
The ventilation opening is effective against turbulences
Optically pure acrylic plastic for optimal vision
The ventilation opening is effective against turbulences
Scratch-resistant and shatter-proof
5 mm thick Lexan plastic
Height 515 mm
Very high form stability
Less individual vibrations
Optimal view in every situation
Clearer, polished and rounded edge, thus no edge protection/thickening required
With ABE