Vindruta "R-MARATHON" - medium - R1200 R LC

1 919 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Windscreen sport - low - clear or smoke grey

Low windscreen “Sport” for the R 1200 R LC
Optimal relief from wind pressure for head, upper body, and shoulders, and significantly less turbulence, now also available for the R.

The facts:
Scratch-resistant and shatter-proof, visually pure, made of strong 5 mm thick acrylic plastic for an optimal view.
Vibration-reducing 4-point mount.
Dimensions (H x W): 305mm x 330mm.
With ABE (registration not necessary).

To install our windscreen, you will need the original BMW windscreen mounts.
If you do not have these mounts, you will need to purchase windscreen mounts item no: 30450-103 as well.