Vindruta "SPORT" till Daytona/Trophy-kåpa

1 412 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
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Sport screen for head light fairing Trophy and Daytona - standard - smoked grey

A harmonious sport screen, perfectly adapted to the head light fairing, with an uniform wind flow and a good protection.

The facts:
Lasting reduction of wind pressure.
Uniform release for upper body and head.
High sustained speed possible.
Screen made of 5 mm thick Lexan.
Polished/rounded edges (no edge protection needed etc.).
Pure vision.

R1200 R (-2014) with Trophy cockpit fairing
Fits below R nineT models with Daytona cockpit fairing
R nineT (2014 - )
R nineT /5
R nineT Pure
R nineT Scrambler