Vindruta "TOURING VARIO ERGO" - R1200 R (-14)

2 707 kr
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Touring screen VarioErgo - clear

The new dimension of uncompromising long-distance comfort.
The outstanding aerodynamic properties have been further refined by the addition of angle control, allowing each rider to set the screen to exactly the right angle.
The screen is moulded closely to the rider, diverting airflows in all directions and safely away from the rider’s body. With its highly effective form the screen provides excellent, turbulence-free protection for arms, shoulders, upper body and head.
The excellent protection from weather is also an indication of the high-quality aerodynamics. The optical purity of the product is also unique on the market. The meticulous and elaborate manufacturing procedure retains the physical characteristics of the high-quality Lexan screen material (6 mm thick and scratch proof).
The excellent visibility that the screen affords is both a safety boost and a value enhancement in one. The roadster - another convincing facet of the design is the very high quality standard of the oscillation free, vibration-decoupled four point fitting set and the broad, easy-to-use adjusting mechanism.
A permanent enhancement for the R 1200 R.
Includes fitting kit and TÜV approved.

Fits: R1200 R (-2014)