Styrhöjare - R1250 R/RS, R1200 R/RS LC

1 086 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Handlebar riser for Models with or without BMW Navigation System

For the R1250 R or RS / R1200 R or RS LC a raised handlebar is a particularly sensible investment, as the options for handlebar angle increase at the same time which in turn has a positive effect on rider posture. The bars are raised by 25 mm and brought slightly towards the rider. This riser has allowed every R/RS rider who has tried it to find a completely personal setting.

The facts:
25 mm height increase
improved handling
More immediate feel for the ride
Relaxed upright sitting position
More mobility
Individually machined of solid Dural aluminium (not cast)
Anodised silver
Quick and easy conversion - no further changes required
Complete with set of bolts
ABE approved

The clutch hose must be free of tension and bled before the handlebar riser is installed. For this reason the installation must be carried out by specialist personnel or a specialist workshop!

In case of retrofitting a navi-holder with WUN-31000-111:
Just order the screw kit WUN-31000-200