Bagagenät till alu-toppbox

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Wunderlich luggage net for aluminium Topcase - Piece - black

For everything you need quickly to hand: You can store rainwear, a first aid kit and tools in the cover of the original aluminium Topcase and have it ready to hand right after opening.
The net attaches using the two suspension struts provided. These are inserted into the existing rivet heads and tensioned. This means you don't need to drill any extra holes or remove any rivets and the Topcase stays sealed tight.

The facts:
Suitable for all vehicles with original BMW aluminium Topcase
For everything you need quickly to hand
Attached with suspension struts
No drilling required - coffer stays sealed tight
Technical info
Material: Nylon, rubber edge
Thickness: 5 millimetres
Dimensions: 420 x 270 millimetres (width x height)

R1250 GS/GSA alu topcase
R1200 GS/GSA LC alu topcase
F750/850 GS/GSA alu topcase