Bagageplatta till Vario sidoväskor

1 086 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Wunderlich Luggage rails for original Vario cases.
R1200 GS, R1200 GS LC, R1250 GS and F750/850 GS.

It’s a well-known fact that you can never have enough luggage on a tourer. That’s why lots of motorcyclists transport additional soft luggage such as bags, rolls, tent, etc. on the side cases. We’ve developed these brilliant luggage rails for this purpose.
They mount on the original brackets for the Vario cases simply and securely without having to drill the cases. With the mounted luggage rails, even with luggage attached the cases can of course also be opened no problem and the volumes adjusted. The luggage can be tied down securely thanks to the practical lashing rings.

The facts:
Luggage rail for the original BMW Vario cases
Available as set for right and left, or sold as single units left or right
Simple mounting on the case carrier
No drilling of the case required, so no leaks
No impairment of the functions of the case even with luggage attached
Light, high-stability stainless steel, so no aluminium dust on the luggage
Perfect for soft luggage such as rolls and bags
Four lashing rings per rail for perfect luggage hold
Firm, wobble-free positioning
Includes complete fitting set
5 year warranty
Made in Germany

WUN-20571-002, -102 and -202 fits:
R1200 GS LC (2013-2018) and R1250 GS (2019-)

WUN-20571-302 fits:
R1200 GS (-2012)

WUN-20573-002 fits:
F750 GS and F850 GS