Lasträcke till Vario toppbox - R1250 GS, R1200 GS LC, R1200 GS

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Topcase Rack for original Topcase - black

This top case rack was designed exclusively to fit the original BMW top case. It is a very elegant and simultaneously useful addition to your top case that allows you to carry additional gear along and/or those things that you wouldn’t want to put in your top case, such as wet rain suits, gloves etc.

The facts:
Sealed, robust attachment at four points. (the tubing has threaded ends).
Seamless precision steel tubing.
Outstanding black powder-coated finish and workmanship. Made in Germany.
Supplied seals create waterproof attachment points.
Includes all necessary hardware and drilling template.
Easy to fit

R1200 GS
R1200 GS LC
R1250 GS