Väska till tankskyddsbåge - R1200 GSA (-13)

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Väska tankskyddsbåge
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Wunderlich Crash Bar Bags (set)

Water-resistant bags for the original Adventure tank crash bar and the R 1200 GS with Hepco & Becker tank protection bar.

The facts:
Additional luggage space on the tank protection bars for the things you can't fit in the tank bag but still want to have within reach.
Unshakeable attachment
Full freedom of movement
Optimum weight distribution/displacement of centre of gravity
Simply slide onto the tank protection cantilever and attach securely to the bar using the completely covered velcro closure.
Lined outer and floor surfaces protect the contents from vibrations, protect the bar prevent buckling and fluttering.
Stable form even when empty
Sensible inner compartments
Waterproof inner lining allows for clarity and things can no longer disappear into the cracks.
Water-resistant and dirt-proof, Teflon-coated CORDURA.
Highly durable, non-abrasive, can't bleach out
Coated interior
Grippy zip
Water and dust-proof YKK zips
Design by Nicolas Petit