Kraschpuck - bakaxel

1 385 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Crash pad hub cover - silver, titanium or black

These crash protectors, already proven in racing, keep the tarmac at a safe distance and prevent major damages to the expensive final drive housing.
Available as slidepad for the paralever pivot joint or as complete kit for the hub.

The facts:
Effective protection.
Double protection against impacts (integrated shock absorbing layer) and slides.
Highly durable, non-slip special plastic.
Quick and easy fitting.
Comes with complete fitting kit.
Made in Germany.

For hub (including crash pad and hub cover).

R1200 GS LC
R1200 GSA LC
R1250 GS
R1200 R LC
R1200 RS LC
R1200 RT LC
R1250 RT